The Value of Pockets


By Charles Rand

The Value of Pockets

Several summers ago, after setting anchor in our favorite cove, we pulled out the wine and quickly discovered we had no corkscrew. A distant boat was our only hope, so with a float and purpose in hand, a friend swam to the other boat and returned with a corkscrew. As he climbed aboard, he grabbed a towel and with a swish, his sunglasses resting on the towel were flung into the water and disappeared. 

The moment made clear how small things get lost, forgotten, or in our friend’s case, tossed overboard. We set out to solve the problem of managing pocket essentials in small, moving and wet places. Time and again we watched our guests place their sunglasses and phones in cup holders, on the dash, on towels, or frankly…most anywhere. So, we started by thinking through what small objects outdoor adventurers, including boaters, typically wish they had on hand?   

Typical small items for your Day Adventures 

Before heading out on a day adventure, many of us fill our pockets, and purses and bags with invaluable small things. The problem is, they’re small…and there are a lot of them.  The number of things that bring value to an outdoor experience are aplenty.  Think of the things you should probably have onboard, and then consider where you would put them: a multi-tool, flashlight, portable charger, a pocket knife, notebook and pen, mini first aid kit, utensils, emergency whistles, a compact rain poncho, collapsible water bottle, a microfiber towel, a can opener, bottle opener, cork screw, or a screw driver – all of these could easily get lost among your gear. This is where pocket organizers are helpful.  

What is the ultimate pocket organizer for when pockets are in short supply?  Advanced pocket solutions feature a waterproof exterior; rugged shell; flaps to protect objects from falling out of the pocket or moisture from getting in; straps to secure hanging objects, like sunglasses while you’re swimming off your boat; and a soft Tricot lining in the pocket, so your items are protected from getting scratched.  

The junedays’ solution to managing small objects, from everyday carry to special circumstance items, is a collection of storage pockets called the Tuckaway.  The Tuckaway comes in various configurations, providing solutions for a variety of settings.  The original Tuckaway features 4 pockets, and the Tuckaway 6 features 6 pockets. Fastening straps and grommets offer different ways of securing the Tuckaway to rails, stays, racks, and other common arrangements found in boats, RVs, or tiny homes. Color coded tags add value for communicating where an item is stored, while an exterior elastic strap creates a place to hang your glasses (which otherwise occupy valuable real estate – cup holders).      

Benefits of a Pocket: Pockets offer great value by helping keep your small things organized. From having quick access and flexible storage solutions, to the comfort that comes from being in control of your small loose items, from keys and jewelry, to sunglasses, phones, or your favorite lip balm – pockets offer the best solution for small items.  Everyone can appreciate a well-organized space, from boat and RV operators to those who live in tiny spaces.   

So, say goodbye to the stress of managing small everyday carry items, and welcome the peace that comes with storage pockets.  A variety of configurations gives users a choice in adapting to the constraints of their space; the Tuckaway four and six pocket options are immediately available solutions to managing pocket items. Their high quality, rugged structure, and timeless design will complement boaters, RV campers, and outdoor enthusiasts for decades to come.