The Caddy: Your Ultimate Boating Accessory


By Nicole Verspyck

The Caddy: Your Ultimate Boating Accessory

The guests arrived at the boat just on timeAs each of the nine kicked off their shoes, flung towels, bags, hats, coolers, tote bags and more onto the boat, a slight panic swept over me. I was simply overtaken by the volume of people’s stuffAnd so went the journey, six hours of tripping over things, digging through countless bags, committed to finding a solution to the onboard mess.   

The Solution: A Caddy  

Caddies are like magic pockets for your stuff, and they're not just for boats. If you’re not familiar with caddy storage, imagine an RV caddy, car trunk caddy, shoe caddy for your closet, a caddy for your home pantry, or a garage caddy: caddies make everything shipshape.  That’s what caddies do. But today, let's focus on why caddies are a sailor's best friend. 

Why Caddies are a Great Solution 

A Place for Everything: On a boat, space is precious. Caddies come in handy for stowing away everything from shoes, towels, and groceries, to small picnic coolers, beverage containers, and picnic essentials. No more rummaging through a jumbled mess to find what you need; it's all neatly tucked away in your caddy. 

Flexibility Rules: One of the great things about caddies is their adaptability. You can slip them under boat seats or into small onboard holds with ease. They can cradle your supplies, keeping them organized, even when the water gets rough.  A great caddy has removable dividers to add both stability and smaller protected compartments. 

Easy Storage: Most caddies are collapsible, so they won't take up precious space when you're not using them. Just fold them flat, and you're good to go. No need to lug around bulky containers. 

Built to Last: Quality construction is a hallmark of a good caddy. Look for double stitching, exterior mesh pockets for those items you need quick access to, rigid panels that help the caddy maintain its shape, and rugged materials like tarpaulin. You want your caddy to be sturdy and reliable, especially to safely haul provisions aboard.  

Neoprene Handles for Comfort: Lugging around heavy loads is never fun. That's where neoprene handles come to the rescue. They're easy on your hands, so you can transport all your boat gear without the aches and pains. 

Color-Coding Fun: Some boat enthusiasts take it up a notch by using caddies in different colors to color code their provisions and other items. It's a simple yet effective way to keep things organized, especially when you have multiple caddies on board. Organizing your first aid, sunscreen, picnic items, cleaning supplies, or tools can be easily accomplished by color coded caddies: yellow for sun protection, sunglasses, goggles, and Dock and Bay quick dry towels; red for first aid, flares, and other emergency items; blue for picnic provisions; and, white for cleaning supplies So, when some asks, where can I find a bandage..... you can simply reply, check the red caddy.

Size Up: Need a large caddy with a handle, or are you looking for a small storage caddy? Size often matters, especially in tight spaces. Measure the size of your nook, locker, or bench height, and choose a unique caddy that custom fits.  

Clutter Be Gone 

As you set sail on your next adventure, don't let clutter get in the way of your enjoyment like it did for me 10 years ago. Embrace the versatile, colorful world of caddies, and watch as they transform your boat into an organized, stress-free haven. So, whether it's stowing away your picnic essentials, drinks, or simply your favorite pair of flip-flops, let caddies be your first mate in the journey to a clutter-free, enjoyable day on the water.